August 13, 2021

Garden Share with a Flock of Chickens!

Spend time tending the garden and hanging-out with five darling chickens in the company of forest companions and take home the fruits of your labor.
  • Image of a chicken looking into a hat with a second chicken in the background.

I love tending this garden and spending time with our six-month-old flock. It’s a magical setting, surrounded by old native White Oak trees and often visited by chattering chipmunks, grazing deer, and hooting owls.

I want to share the many gifts, joys, and responsibilities of caring for this land and these beings with others. Our raised-bed gardens and chicken “palace” are on a one-acre lot located on the edge of Tryon State Park, walking/biking distance from campus.

I’m offering the opportunity to one or two people to come wander the grounds with our flock of feathered friends, look after their needs, and tend the garden 2-3 days per week (1-2 visits per day, 30-90 mins each). Days and times are flexible, but we ask for consistency with your schedule once we agree upon it and a minimum semester commitment.

You may take all of the eggs laid on your watch and up to half of all the produce ripe for the picking (including fruit from mature fig and pear trees). You are also welcome to bring and grow some plants of your own choosing.

If interested, please email me a 1-2 page explanation of:

1. Why this opportunity interests you,

2. Any relevant experience you may have, and

3. What your ideal days of the week/hours would be.

Thank you,

Betsy Shilling