February 06, 2020

Volunteers Needed for the 2020 Regional Client Counseling Moot Court

Lewis & Clark Law School is seeking volunteers to act as legal clients for a regional, Client Counseling Moot Court Competition. Please contact Stephanie Keys, Competition Coordinator, if you are interested in volunteering as a legal client /actor or would like more information.

This year, Lewis & Clark Law School is hosting the 2020 Regional Client Counseling Moot Court, and we need your help!

Twelve teams will be competing, and 14 volunteers are needed to act as legal clients as part of the competition. Do you have some acting abilities that you’d like to put to good use? Now’s your chance!

The time commitment is approximately five hours (with free lunch) on either Saturday, February 15th or Sunday, February 16th. Past participants have really enjoyed the experience!

The Client Counseling competition addresses fundamental skills necessary for all successful attorneys, namely the ability to interview, counsel, and support a client through legal issue. Competitors take on the role of counseling attorneys and conduct an initial interview with an actor client (you). The competitors are called on to explain various aspects of the attorney-client relationship, build rapport, determine client goals, and consider applicable law and options that may be available to the actor client.

If you participate, you will receive a client profile ahead of time describing your character and the legal situation your character is facing. You will be asked to study this profile in advance so you are prepared on the day of the competition.

For more information visit our webpage!