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Proposal to shift from Refworks to Zotero

November 08, 2016

Dear Students:
The College of Arts and Sciences Library and Educational Technology Committee is reviewing the college-sponsored bibliography and citation management software, currently RefWorks. We recognize that faculty and students use a variety of software (EndNote, Zotero, Mendeley, EasyBib, etc.) and that this will likely continue. We do believe that there is value in having a single college-sponsored application to promote a more uniform experience for students and to concentrate training and support efforts by Information Technology, the Library and others.
Our informal survey suggests that Zotero is a robust product, that there is currently a large user base on campus, and that some academic programs have already integrated Zotero into their coursework. We therefore propose that Lewis & Clark’s officially-supported bibliography and citation management software become Zotero effective September 2017.
This change would end the college subscription to RefWorks sometime shortly following that date. Information Technology would provide support to current RefWorks users who want to migrate their content from RefWorks to Zotero or discuss alternatives.
We welcome feedback on this proposal from interested parties by December 1, 2016. Please send feedback to Kelly Wainwright (
College of Arts and Sciences
Library and Educational Technology Committee
2016-17 Members:
Tawny Bright
Ben Gaskins
Kristin Fujie (chair)
Margaret Metz
Jess Perlitz
Kelly Wainwright (ex officio)
Miranda Carney-Morris (ex officio)

Mark Dahl (ex officio)

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