May 05, 2015

WellNotes: May 2015

Wellness notes for May 2015

Dear Students,

Thanks for checking out May’s edition of WellNotes.  We know you are knee-deep in finals,  but take a few minutes to peruse this month’s edition of StudentHealth101 to learn more about conflict resolution, disordered eating, staying active, and much more.

Finals can be pretty stressful, so in an effort to preserve your emotional health in the midst of papers, presentations, and three hour long tests, I proudly present to you:

Things to do instead of studying*:

  • Lurk in Powell’s
  • Take advantage of Tryon Creek State Park and go for a hike
  • Color in a coloring book
  • Check out one of these 6 Delicious Donut Shops Around Portland
  • See a $3 matinee at the Laurelhurst Theater
  • Grab some friends, take the Trimet to a part of Portland that you’ve never been to, and eat at the first restaurant you see
  • Walk barefoot in the grass
  • Celebrate National Star Wars Day (May 4th)-TODAY
  • Call your grandparents, or other loved ones
  • Make a fancy dinner for yourself and some friends
  • Go to Salt & Straw, be adventurous
  • Learn what lefse is at the Viking Soul Food cart
  • Enjoy breakfast at La Provence 
  • Sleep

*Note: This not meant to promote procrastination, but to highlight maintaining a balanced schedule.

Good luck on finals and congrats to our grads.  There will be a June issue of WellNotes and StudentHealth101 so keep your eyes peeled for that, but mostly HAVE A GREAT SUMMER.

Be Well,
Ruby Roll & Melissa Osmond