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The Truman Scholarship Foundation was established by Congress in 1975 as the federal memorial to President Harry S. Truman. The foundation awards scholarships for college students to attend graduate school in preparation for careers in government or elsewhere in public service. The activities of the foundation are supported by a special trust fund in the U.S. Treasury.

Zan Northrip ’90
Justin Phillips ’98
Jeremy Brown ’99
Alexis Gensberg ’99
Andrew Holder ’00
Jules Kopel-Bailey ’01
Julian Dautremont-Smith ’03
Tristan A. Nunez ’05
Adam Kowalski ’08
Ben Brysacz ’09
Joyce Iwashita ’15

Where are they now?
Zan Northrip is Vice President of Aquisitions at DAI.
Justin Phillips is currently an Assistant Professor of Political Science at Columbia University.
Andrew Holder is a Principal at The Los Angeles Design Group.
Jules Kopel Bailey is a is completing his first term as State Representative from Oregon House District 42, representing inner Eastside Portland.
Julian Dautremont-Smith is the Associate Director at Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE).
Tristan Nunez is currently an MS Candidate in Landscape Ecology at the University of Washington.
Adam Kowalski is a Truman Albright Fellow for the US Government.
Ben Brysacz has been working for the U.S. Public Service Academy in Washington, D.C.