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Environmental Affairs Symposium

“We the Anthropos”

17th Annual Environmental Affairs Symposium

October 14-16, 2014   Courtesy Mark WeaverCourtesy Mark Weaver

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What does it mean to dwell in the Anthropocene, when the earth has in many ways become a human creation? Shall we the anthropos celebrate or mourn this era? How shall we guide our environmental practices when notions such as the balance of nature and living within limits no longer fit our collective experience? How shall we move forward when the only choices we understand seem far behind us?

Environmental Affairs Symposium 2014 at Lewis & Clark College explores this era of the Anthropocene via keynote dialogue, a wide range of scholarly sessions, and other events designed for us to forge new environmental identities with eyes wide open to contemporary ideas—and ultimately to recapture imagination and hope in a world that, in spite of its elusive realities, is fully ours.

Environmental Affairs Symposium

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