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Boost Retirement Income With a Deferred Gift Annuity

July 01, 2010

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How It Works
You make the contribution to us now, securing a current income tax charitable deduction now, and we agree to pay you fixed payments, based on your age, for life starting at any future date you select. This is especially advantageous if your tax bracket is higher now than it will be later when you retire. An advantage of deferring the commencement of your payment stream is the payment rate will be considerably higher when the payments begin.

Your Advantages
The most important advantage you gain from a deferred gift annuity is the opportunity to make a major contribution to us while still meeting your personal financial needs.

In addition:

  • You can supplement future retirement funds with a known dollar amount.
  • Your contributions are unlimited, unlike those for qualified pension plans.
  • You can secure a substantial income tax charitable deduction immediately.
  • You can receive secure payments that are partially income tax–free throughout your estimated life expectancy.
  • You free yourself of investment cares and worries on amounts you contribute.

We would be glad to explain the specific benefits you can enjoy. Just contact Sharon Bosserman-Benson for the Undergraduate or the Graduate School at 503-768-7911, 800-753-9292, or, or the Law School development office at 503-768-6901 or


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Financial Solution
For many people, contributions to IRAs, 401(k) plans and other retirement plans are limited. The deferred payment gift annuity is a good way to provide the additional retirement income you desire.

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