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October 10th, 2018

October 17th, 2018

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  • You are welcomed to apply while in your final year of college. You will need to submit an official copy of your transcript showing your progress. If admitted to the graduate school and you intend to enroll, you will be required to submit another official copy of your transcript which shows your complete academic record, the degree earned and the date it was conferred. If your graduate program starts in the fall semester, we will need the transcript prior to the start of the fall semester. If your graduate program starts in the summer, you will need the transcript prior to the start of the summer session. If that isn’t possible, you will need to submit written confirmation from your college that you have met graduation requirements and will be providing a degree posted transcript after the start of the summer session.

  • Undergraduate Admissions Home Page

    Building on our great success partnering with undergraduate admissions during the 2010-11 season, Joe, Morgan and David recently participated in the digital portion of the undergraduate admissions annual retreat. Working with Lisa, Jim and the admissions team, we are re-crafting the admissions home page and navigation to remove the bulk of the text, add a number of functional elements and highlight key numbers, all within several major themes. (David, Morgan and Joe, Deanna)

    1. 1 Aug: New home page launches.
    2. 19 Jul: Training Peter/Joe/Deanna on new home page.
    3. 18 Jul: Functional home page built and available for testing.
    4. 30 Jun: We presented designs presented to admissions for questions/comments and they received a very positive response.
    5. 20 Jun: First-draft designs delivered to PubCom team members.
  • You are welcomed to contact your academic department of interest or the Admissions office to arrange for a campus visit. Also, check if your program is hosting a online info session.

  • For an estimated total cost of your program, go to the Paying for Graduate School  page and multiply the number of credits of your program by the cost per credit. To determine the cost of tuition for a current semester, multiply by the number of credits registered by the current cost per credit. Students who take courses off campus may be charged a lesser fee. As a rule, tuition increases each summer.

  • You must submit an official copy of your score report. This can be done in one of the following ways:

    1. Select Lewis & Clark as a recipient of your score report. The scores will be directly sent to Lewis & Clark.
    2. Forward the official score report email from the testing agency to the graduate admissions office (
  • Many of our programs host on-campus info sessions throughout the year. These programs present a thorough perspective of the program and faculty are present to answer your questions.

    If you cannot attend an info session, go to your intended program’s home page to view Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) or find the program’s contact information to request more information. We also attend graduate school fairs and events in other parts of the country. Go to our Info Sessions page for current schedules. Some Info Session are offered online (virtual).

  • There are testing centers outside of the US that offer the GRE test. Check the test company’s website for current testing centers. If you are unable to take a required test, please contact the admissions office to determine whether or not an incomplete application can be submitted. Your application may be considered for conditional admission. Test scores must be received prior to the start of the program

  • Yes, you may still apply. When reviewing applications, faculty members read transcripts carefully and thoughtfully. They will look for when the poorer grades were earned and in which courses. You should include a letter of explanation with your application. We also recommend that you contact your program of interest to discuss if there are ways to strengthen your application.

  • Every day we receive transcripts, letters of recommendation and test scores. Items that arrive before an application are safely filed in our office. Once an application is received, we check our “pending application” files for supporting documents.

  • Contact the testing company to see if you can reorder a copy of your score report. If your scores are no longer available, you will need to retake a basic skills test. Below are links to the various testing companies’ pages regarding scores.

    NES-EAS and ORELA tests
    PRAXIS I and II

  • Yes, you may submit an unofficial report with your application. An official report must be submitted as soon as it becomes available. Applicants who do not submit an official report may be considered for conditional admission into the program.

  • Ideally, the colleges will mail your transcripts directly to the graduate school. Be sure you include our campus mail stop number of MSC 87. (We have three admissions offices at Lewis & Clark.) If it is faster for you to physically go to the college and pick up transcripts, be sure you clearly request you want official copies. Transcripts should be handed to you in a sealed envelope. The sealed envelope can be sent or delivered to the admissions office.

  • You can if, and only if, they are still in a sealed envelope issued by the originating college’s registrar’s office. If the envelope is open, we no longer consider it official.

  • A checklist of received and missing application materials is available on your application status page. 

    NOTE: We may be taking messages only during the first few days after a deadline. We usually have buckets of mail and applications to process and are not be able to report application statuses until all is sorted and entered in our database. We will contact all applicants regarding the status of the file. We thank you in advance for your patience!

  • Visit

    This application is designed for undergraduate admissions to help them manage the process of getting interested prospective students to all the events (tours, informational sessions, interviews and overnights) that they’d like to do while here.

    We are building a web application prototype as a go-between for two Google calendars with the admission visit dates/options and the main website. (Ben)

  • We offer application fee waivers for alumni of the graduate school who have successfully completed a degree, license, and/or endorsement program. In addition, applicants who have participated in a national service program (AmeriCorps, City Year, Peace Corps, Teach for America, McNair Scholar, and/or the U.S. Military) may request a waiver of the application fee. Information regarding how to request a waiver can be found here

  • The graduate school will consider conditional admission for international students who have not completed an English proficiency test or required standardized tests (i.e. GRE or PRAXIS tests). Candidates must submit an application form and all required documents. Applications may be submitted prior to the stated application deadline. Completed files will be given to graduate faculty for review and a decision.

  • The current graduate school application now includes a statement for Lewis & Clark undergraduate students to sign that allows the graduate school permission to access their their Lewis & Clark undergraduate transcript. We do not have access to any other transcripts that were submitted in support of your CAS application.

  • If you attended Lewis & Clark’s graduate school, we are able to print out and use an advising copy of your transcript. You do not need to request an official copy be sent to us. Alumni of the graduate school may be eligible for abbreviated application process. Please check out the information for Alumni Applicants web page.

  • Yes. There is a secure drop box mounted on the wall of Rogers Hall to the left of the main entrance. There will be signs to direct you to the drop box.

  • It depends on the program to which you are applying. Applications completed by the deadline will receive priority consideration for admissions and scholarships. It’s in your best interest that your application materials (including all required test scores) be in our office before the date faculty begins reviewing the first group of completed applications.

  • The graduate school uses email as a primary method of communication. It is very important that you check your spam filters and your mailbox for messages relating to your application.You are welcomed to call, too.

  • We require that students ask three individuals to write a letter of recommendation and complete the Recommendation for Admission form. Both items must be submitted to the admissions office.

  • Yes. We realize some applicants have been out of school while pursuing their careers or raising their families. The forms and letters should be written by three individuals who know you and are qualified to evaluate your academic competence, character and/or experience in professional or leadership roles. In addition to professors, applicants can ask supervisors, professional colleagues, or employers to provide a recommendation.

  • Yes. All transcripts from all colleges where you received credit are required for admission. This includes community college, study abroad programs, and/or professional development credit. This also includes credit earned from a college while in high school. This does not include AP, IB or CLEP college equivalencies.

  • Lewis & Clark does not have a minimum GRE score.

  • The graduate school does not offer teaching assistantships. However, faculty may receive grant monies for a research project and will hire current students to assist. Notification is done internally by individual faculty or departments. The Counseling Psychology department hosts some Graduate Assistant positions at our Counseling Clinic. Students currently enrolled in Counseling Psychology programs are notified regarding availability and the application process.

    Currently, Graduate Assistant positions are by the Division of Student Life in the College of Arts and Sciences. Assistant positions are only open to current and new students in graduate counseling psychology and school counseling programs. Notification regarding the application process is announced internally to current and new students in the spring.

  • You can find more information on the Admissions office website and direct these and similar questions to the Admissions office.

  • After you submit your application for admission, you will be able to check on WebAdvisor to see if the scores have been received.

  • We recommend that you check our testing requirements between your junior and senior year. Testing requirements may change.

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