Mohammed Hasan Alwan

Mohammed Hasan Alwan

Keynote Speaker, MENA Symposium 2019

Mohammed Hasan Alwan (born 27 August 1979) is a Saudi Arabian novelist. He was born in Riyadh and studied Computer Information Systems at King Saud University, obtaining a bachelor’s degree in 2002. He also obtained an MBA from the University of Portland, Oregon in 2008 and PhD from Carleton University, Ottawa in 2016.

Alwan has published five novels to date: Saqf Elkefaya (2002), Sophia (2004), Touq Altahara (2007), “Al-Qundus” (2011), and “Mouton Sageer” (2016). His work has appeared in translation in Banipal magazine (“Blonde Grass” and “Statistics”, translated by Ali Azeriah); in The Guardian (“Oil Field”, translated by Peter Clark);[3] and in Words Without Borders (“Mukhtar”, translated by William M. Hutchins).[4]

His work was published in the Beirut39 anthology (Beirut39: New Writing from the Arab World, edited by Samuel Shimon) and in the IPAF Nadwa anthology (Emerging Arab Voices, edited by Peter Clark).

Source: Wikipedia