January 16, 2024

What Is the World Saying about Lewis & Clark?

Read highlights from national, regional, and local media.

National, regional, and local news media regularly feature the expertise of Lewis & Clark community members.

That coverage is now easier to find, with the addition to Lewis & Clark’s newsroom of L&C in the News—a dedicated space showcasing current media coverage about Lewis & Clark students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

“It’s impressive to see how many media outlets are covering members of the Lewis & Clark community,” Director of Public Relations Lois Leveen said. “Providing all the media coverage in one place serves as an important external validation. It can be especially persuasive for prospective students, for people considering applying for faculty or staff positions, for potential donors, and for journalists who are always looking for experts to interview.”

L&C in the News is hand-curated weekly by the Office of Communications.