August 22, 2023

Fall Semester 2023 Trimet, Pio Express, and Parking Updates

Welcome back, students, faculty, and staff! 

Transportation and Parking Manager Joey Zayas My name is Joey Zayas and I am the new Transportation & Parking Manager at Lewis & Clark. I am absolutely thrilled to have joined the L&C family and look forward to serving you. I am a firm believer in transparency, partnership, collaboration, and holding a high standard of service. Beyond responsibilities regarding parking and enforcement, I envision this office to strive to be forward thinking and collaborative with campus community members to create meaningful change in transportation and parking that focuses on sustainability, equity, and inclusion. My office is located in Campus Safety and I am always open to answering questions. My staff and I can also be reached at

As we prepare for the 2023-24 academic year, please review the following information regarding parking and recent Pio Express and TriMet route changes:

Free Pio Express Shuttle Bus

The Pio Express is back for another year with quite a few important changes to highlight. These route changes have allowed us to offer more accessibility and increase frequency, and were made possible through an expansion of TriMet’s 35T line. Some of these changes may impact your commute from last year so please make sure to read information below regarding TriMet.

  • Pio Express shuttle timetable and stop locations
  • Service begins September 2
  • Weekday schedule runs 7:10 a.m. – 10:10 p.m.
  • Weekend schedule runs 10 a.m. – 10 p.m.
  • Pio Express shuttle stop is in front of the Fowler Student Center near Fields Dining Room.
  • Notable route changes:
    • The Fred Meyer shuttle stop now accommodates inbound and outbound riders. This means you may ride the Pio Express to Fred Meyer, shop, and then catch it to return to campus.
    • The Pio Express will no longer service South Waterfront or Zupans (please refer to TriMet 35T route information to access those locations).


TriMet will once again service L&C, but with some very notable changes:

  • Route changes take effect August 27, 2023
  • Bus 36 has been discontinued.
  • Bus 39 will no longer stop in front of L&C.
  • Bus 35T expansion:
    • Route 35T will now service the South Waterfront on the corner S. Moody and S. Thomas which is one block north of the old Pio Express stop on S. Moody & S. Lowell.
    • Route will continue going to the Zupans stop on the corner of S. Macadam and S. Nevada.
    • Route will start/end (nearest &LC) on S.W. Terwilliger and S.W. 2nd (next to Fountain Gateway Church and Riverdale HS). Please note: we are in negotiations with TriMet to move the stop to the nearby traffic circle by Law Campus. This move is TBD.
    • Use the TriMet Trip Planner to plan your trip and confirm exact stop details. (Please note: the new route begins August 27, 2023. Click on “edit date” to change date to future plan).
  • Lewis & Clark issues TriMet Hop Card bus passes to students and employees at a 75% discount. This discount is paid for by parking fees on campus. Visit Lewis & Clark’s parking portal to get your Hop Card.

    Parking Permits and Pointers

    Now is the time to get your parking permit for the Fall 2023 semester for your car, motorcycle, or bicycle. All parking enforcement begins on September 2.

    Purchase a Parking Permit

    • $187/Fall semester permit
    • $374/Annual permit
    • Permits can be purchased via credit card or payroll (faculty/staff).
    • Purchasing a parking permit will not guarantee you a parking space. Please consider using an alternative way to get to campus such as Trimet, Pioneer Express Shuttle, carpooling, biking, or walking.

    Fountain Gateway Church (formerly St. Mark Presbyterian)

    Lewis & Clark partners with Fountain Gateway Church to provide additional parking to students and staff:

    • 51 Spaces
    • Monday through Saturday, 7 a.m – 7 p.m.
    • For your walk up the hill to campus, be sure to utilize the law school trail, located across the street, at the intersection of SW Boones Ferry and Terwilliger. The trail has lights and provides protection from the road.

    Avoid Parking in the Surrounding Neighborhoods

    L&C has agreed to a traffic demand management plan with the city of Portland and works proactively with campus neighbors on issues affecting the community, including traffic, congestion, and parking.

    One of our agreements with neighbors is that employees and students will not park in the neighborhoods adjacent to campus. The process of registering a vehicle to park on campus includes an agreement with Lewis & Clark’s transportation and parking regulations that prohibit such parking. Students or employees found to be in violation of this rule are subject to citation or further disciplinary action.

    Give Yourself a Buffer

    It may be wise to add some additional time to your regular routine to find a parking space and walk to your destination. You may get lucky and find a spot near your destination in a timely manner, but during peak hours (9 a.m. - 2 p.m.) you will likely need a little extra time.