May 22, 2017

Who was Owen Denny?

Check out the exhibit on the library’s 3rd floor near the L stacks to find out!

An exhibit on the library’s 3rd floor, near the L stacks, examines the role of Oregon’s Owen Denny in East Asian diplomacy during the late nineteenth century.  Designed by library practicum students Heather Schadt, Tawny Bright, and Naomi Goldman-Nagel, the exhibit traces Denny’s service as Consul-General to China and as personal advisor to King Kojong of Korea, at a precarious moment in Korean history.  In addition to his role on the political stage, Denny is notable for introducing the Chinese pheasant to Oregon (here known as the Denny pheasant) and for preserving the oldest known Korean flag (it was returned to Korea in 1981).