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Watzek Library Exhibits: 13th Annual Ray Warren Symposium

November 09, 2016

Watzek Library

Watzek Library has several exhibits exploring the idea of “Home: Race, Place, and Belonging”.  In addition to the book display in the Atrium, on the top floor of the library, in the section for art books (near Room 343), a display case highlights works from the circulating collection in which artists engage with themes of race and ethnicity, migration, and the sense of home. These books are available for normal borrowing.

Also on the top floor, Lewis & Clark’s Special Collections is making available for the first time materials from the Kirschner-Moszcowicz Collection. Located outside the Stafford Room (Room 336), the exhibit explores over 100 years of correspondence documenting the life of a Jewish family in Austria, their displacement from home because of the Nazi party’s racial ideology and violence, and the family’s migration to the United States and establishment of a new home in the Pacific Northwest.

These exhibits will remain on display through the end of the fall semester.


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