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Information for Residents Remaining on Campus Until December 17th (or later)

Date: December 17

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The residence halls will close at 6pm on Thursday, November 25th for residents not staying through Thanksgiving. For those remaining on campus for the rest of the Fall semester, the halls will close to you at 6pm on Thursday, December 17th. If you need to remain on campus after December 17th, more information is listed later in this email.

The halls will reopen on January 16th. Returning students should expect to move in on either the 16th or 17th of January. We will assign you a specific time to move in during these dates, similar to our move-in process this Fall. On Monday, January 18th the College will be closed in observance of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and classes will begin on Tuesday, January 19th. You may NOT arrive back on campus prior to January 16th or 17th without express, advance permission by Campus Living. There is a $50/night fee for approved early arrival (International students working with the ISS office are exempt from this charge). Apartments residents: If you absolutely need to arrive to campus before January 16th or 17th, you will need to make sure to complete the two week self-isolation and communicate with your Area Director, Arielle Valdez ( or Campus Living (



Food service concludes for Fall semester with dinner on Wednesday, November 25th. Field’s will close at 6:30pm on Wednesday the 25th. Limited meal service will resume Sunday, November 29 (brunch) through December 17 for students who purchased a supplementary meal plan, have a Block Plan, or have a Flex-only Plan. Bon Appetit will not accept walk-ins from November 29-December 17. If you have not purchased the supplemental meal plan, or want to cancel the one you are on, you have until Tuesday, November 24th to do so. This is due to the planning, purchasing, and preparation required to deliver food service on a smaller scale - we need to make sure there is enough food for the students who have already paid for their meals. All Dining Facilities will be closed after December 17.

A supplementary meal plan costs $450. If you are interested in this meal plan, contact immediately.



For safety, health, and social purposes, there is likelihood that some students will need to “consolidate” into new rooms for the November through December period or after December 17th. If this is the case, Campus Living will communicate with you directly about the timeline and process for consolidation. If you are consolidated, we will do our best to place you with your current roommate, if they are also staying, or move you into a room by yourself during this period. We will do our best not to make any new roommate placements during this time, but if you’d like to live with someone over winter break and have a particular roommate in mind, please let us know. We appreciate your flexibility and continued commitment to keeping our campus safe.



The Lewis & Clark Bookstore will remain open Monday through Friday 10am to 2pm. The bookstore will be closed on the following dates: November 11/26-29th and December 24th-25th and 31st.



The mail room will be closed November 26th and 27th in observance of the college’s holiday closures. Hours of operation after Thanksgiving will be announced by the Mailroom. Expect regular access to mail pick up and package shipment during this time.



Pioneer Express. The Pioneer Express will not be in operation from November 20th through January 17th.

Parking. If you have a car, you must fill out the Long Term Parking Liability Form on the Transportation webpage. The College is still not responsible for any damage or theft that can happen to your car.



Most offices and departments are working remote due to the Governor’s orders. If you need to speak with someone in an office or department, please email them rather than visiting their office.

  • All athletic facilities will be closed until further notice beginning on Wednesday, November 18, 2020.
  • The Office of Campus Living will be remote after November 20th. If you need to contact Campus Living, please reach out to your AD or email us at



If you are remaining on campus from November 20th through December 17th, you may also be interested in Winter Break Housing. To sign up for housing between December 17th and January 16th, please complete THIS FORM, preferably by December 4th. We will reach out to students who complete this form with more information about Winter Housing and Campus Living’s expectations of residence.



To avoid charges for the condition of your old room, please do the following:

  • Replace original complement of furniture.
  • Remove all personal belongings from walls/doors. Leave the space clean and ready for the new occupant.
  • Box all belongings and take them with you. We will not accommodate any storage needs outside of the limited number of identified students. You may NOT leave any belongings in your current room. Left belongings face removal, disposal, and/or fines.



After Thanksgiving Break, the ADs will begin to go through EACH room to make sure all electrical outlets are clear and no other fire hazards exist [Including occupied rooms AND Apartments]. Rooms where a change in the occupants has occurred will be checked for compliance with the standards for checkout. If you are assessed a charge, it will be posted to your student account before January 14, 2021.


If any policy violations are found within your space, you will be referred to Student Rights and Responsibilities. For any drug and alcohol policy violation, they will be documented and removed from your space by either Campus Safety or Campus Living Staff. Any candles that have been lit may be confiscated by your Area Director. They will be held until the end of the academic year for you to pick up or they will be disposed of. Common areas will be checked and if left in disarray, each member of the community will be charged for cleaning. Community damages that occurred during the semester will be assessed at this time as well.


For students who are the only ones occupying a double or triple sized room, often referred to as a ‘dingle’,these rooms maintain an expectation that a student can be placed in the room at any time throughout the semester or academic year. Unlike most years, this year there will be no option for any student to “buy-out” their dingle room in the Spring. We ask that you clear all personal belongings from the half of your room that you are not assigned. If you are paired with a roommate for the spring over the break, we will notify you via email with the information about your pairing.



When Campus Residents leave campus in December, they will need to complete a check-out form for their hall. This check-out form will be used to verify your exit from Campus. Failure to complete this form on departure may result in a fine or charge. If you have any questions about this form, please contact your RA. More information about check out procedures is listed below.


Copeland Check Out Form

SOA Check Out Form

Forest Check Out Form

Platt-Howard Check Out Form

HHA Check out Form



If you are seeking assistance from a guest to move out in December, please make sure that they use THIS FORM to identify their presence on campus. Again, this form is for your guest to fill out in order to come to campus, so please share it with them as soon as possible. Residents cannot submit the form on behalf of their guest. Only one guest is permitted to enter the residence hall to help collect each student’s belongings. If more than one guest comes into a residence hall, you, the resident, may be charged a fee for improper check out and your additional guest will be asked to leave campus. All visitors permitted on campus will be required to follow health and safety protocols adopted by the College and as required by federal, state, or county regulations. This includes, but is not limited to: self-monitoring of COVID-19 symptoms before coming on campus; complying with the College’s face-covering policy; and regular handwashing. This form is due at least 72 hours before you move out.


Make sure you lock your room at all times and before you leave. If anything is to happen to your belongings after you leave, Lewis & Clark assumes no liability.