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Emeriti Faculty Lecture Series: Featuring Stephen Dow Beckham

Date: 5:00pm - 6:30pm PDT October 29

Kicking off our fall Faculty Emeriti Lecture Series, this presentation is the first in a three-part series being offered this fall. Keep an eye on our virtual events webpage for details on future presentations.

The Surprising Adventures of George Gibbs, 1816-1873, on the Oregon Frontier

Presented by Professor Emeritus of History,
Stephen Dow Beckham

George Gibbs traveled overland to Oregon in 1849 and remained for eleven years to work in Oregon, Washington, and California as the pioneer ethnographer, linguist, and collector of material culture for the Smithsonian. A Harvard law graduate, he participated in the Willamette Valley and NW California treaty councils of 1851 and wrote the “fishing rights” clauses into the ten ratified Pacific NW treaties of 1854-55, serving as secretary and cartographer to the Western Washington Treaty Commission. He was a skilled map maker and artist, and in 1861 moved to a tower apartment in the Smithsonian building on the mall in D.C. where he labored for a decade on publications and laying the groundwork for the Bureau of American Ethnology. The presentation draws heavily on the contemporary artwork by Gibbs and his associates as well as his maps, collections of artifacts, and scholarly publications. There are some “surprising” events in this man’s life–thus the title.

Joining Dr. Beckham will be David Harrelson ’07, Tribal Historic Preservation Officer for the Confederate Tribes of Grand Ronde. This project, which will debut in mid-October, is part of the tribe’s on-going cultural history initiatives.

Thursday, October 29, 2020
5:00 p.m. (PDT), Virtual lecture followed by Q&A

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