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World Languages and Literatures

Bookwarming with Magali Rabasa - The Book in Movement

Date: 3:30pm PST February 11 Location: Templeton Campus Center, Bookstore

Templeton Campus Center, Bookstore

The Book in Movement explores the reinvention of a specific form of media: the print book. Magalí Rabasa travels through the political and literary underground of cities in Mexico, Bolivia, Argentina, and Chile to explore the ways that autonomous politics are enacted in the production and circulation of books.

This is an excellent, important, and methodologically innovative book. In its materiality-centered perspective—illuminating the networks established among objects, machines, and people—books are seen not simply as purveyors of symbolic content (the ideas explored in them) but in fact as actors endowed with the capacity to produce change and connections in the real world as material objects.
Juan Poblete, University of California, Santa

World Languages and Literatures

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