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Mathematical Sciences

Student Research Projects

Date: 3:30pm - 4:30pm PDT September 28, 2017 Location: John Howard Room 115

John Howard Room 115

Boundary Value Problems via Finite Difference Approximations
Sara Stout ’18, Karlie Schwartzwald ’18

with Professor Paul T. Allen

The standard approach to proving existence and uniqueness of solutions to boundary value problems requires graduate level theory from functional analysis. We present an elementary proof of existence and uniqueness of solutions to a simple class of boundary value problems  using only tools from linear algebra and introductory analysis courses.

Errors in Automatic Speech Recognition
Ben Kassman ’18
from research at Rochester Institute Of Technology

While there are often accommodations available for d/Deaf or Hard of Hearing (DHH) students in a university setting, these options are not always available in the workplace. Our research seeks to provide a simple solution to allow Hearing and DHH individuals to collaborate with ease. Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), which uses audio input and transcribes it to text, provides a possible solution. The transcription process is not perfect, and often has mistakes that can lead to miscommunication and interrupt the flow of conversation. We present an analysis of the errors that occur in these transcriptions and propose some ways that communication with ASR engines can be improved.

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