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Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement

IME Gathering Space in Response to Portland MAX Incident

Date: 1:00pm - 3:00pm PDT June 5, 2017 Location: Templeton Campus Center

Templeton Campus Center

Please join The Office of Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement in a gathering on Monday, June 5, from 1-3 p.m. in the IME/ISS Suite (3rd floor of Templeton) to reflect upon the immense impact the Portland MAX incident has had on ourselves and our city.

The effects of violence, racism, Islamophobia, trauma, and fear of the other are real and ongoing. It is in these painful hours that we must hold each other close and call upon our collective strength to restore.

Since last Friday, our community has seen (and re-seen) the pain, racism, bravery, and resistance that are deeply ingrained in this city. The incident tragically took the lives of Ricky John Best and Taliesin Myrddin Namkai Meche, and deeply injured Micah David-Cole Fletcher. These bystanders had the courage to intervene in the anti-Muslim, racist, sexist, and hateful rhetoric they witnessed against two young teenagers.

The Portland community has rallied around the two young teens as they work through the trauma they survived, as well as those who were injured and killed. If you are looking to get involved with that action, here are ways to directly support the affected folks: 

  • From the Western States Center: “Friends of the two girls who were attacked by a white supremacist on the MAX train have created this form for people who have specific skills to help them out. If you can give money to the two girls and their families to help with everything from physical and mental health care to transportation, please visit this link.
  • GoFundMe campaign for the families of the victims.

Taliesin and Micah, recent Reed College alumnus and current Portland State University student, respectively, are members of our greater college community and our hearts are with their affected campuses.