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Mathematical Sciences

Mathematical signal processing

Date: 3:30pm - 4:30pm PST February 23, 2017 Location: John Howard 132

John Howard 132

Mathematical signal processing:
an introductory sampling of problems

Rayan Saab
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
University of California, San Diego


One aspect of mathematical signal processing — also known as applied and computational harmonic analysis — deals with the mathematical analysis of problems and algorithms arising in the acquisition, storage, transmission,  and processing of data. 

 In this talk, we provide an introduction to the area as well as to several exciting research directions that the mathematical signal processing community has explored in the last few years. These include compressed sensing (for acquiring structured  signals using many fewer measurements than their ambient dimension), quantization (for converting data from the continuous world of functions to the discrete world of bits and computers),  and phase retrieval (which arises, for example, when imaging microscopic objects using x-rays).

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