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Teaching Excellence Program

Hot Moments in the Classroom

Date: 11:30am - 12:30pm PST November 15, 2016 Location: JR Howard Hall 302

JR Howard Hall 302

This is a difficult time for so many in our community. You are not alone if you’re having to dig deep in order to bring strength and stability to your teaching. And undoubtedly, we will be facing many difficult conversations in our classrooms in the days, weeks, months, and years to come. 

At the next TEP Pedagogy Lunch, we will come together to support one another by discussing strategies for coping with “hot moments”. We will reflect on how our jobs as educators stretch us far beyond the content of our disciplines when we find ourselves facilitating difficult conversations about local and global events. 


Tips for Dealing with Hot Moments by Lee Harvey, Harvard University, Center for Teaching and Learning.

Locate and Contextualize: Facilitating Difficult Discussions in the Classroom, by Steve Volk, Director of Oberlin’s Center for Teaching Innovation and Excellence. 

Registration for this event is now closed.