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Teaching Excellence Program

The Minutes Before and After Class

Date: 11:30am - 12:30pm PDT September 20, 2016 Location: JR Howard Hall 302

JR Howard Hall 302

We will discuss how you’ve been using the minutes before class as well ​as strategies for managing the last few minutes of class.

The M​inutes Before Class by James M. Lang, Chronicle of Higher Education 2015.

The Last Five Minutes: Class Endings and Student Learning, by Steve Volk, Director of Oberlin’s Center for Teaching Innovation and Excellence. 

Questions to consider: 

How have you been using the minutes before class?

What are your strategies for managing the last few minutes of class?

How can we improve our own and our students’ experiences of the last few minutes of class?

What do you do when you have more material to cover in a given class period than time allows?

What are some ways to make more efficient use of the time we have with our students? 

What are some methods for assessing student learning on a given class day? 

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