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Teaching Excellence Program

Class Participation

Date: 12:40pm - 1:40pm PDT October 5, 2016 Location: JR Howard Hall Conference Room 302

JR Howard Hall Conference Room 302

Ideally, every student has a chance to participate (out loud or otherwise) every class day. Realistically, this rarely occurs. Sometimes it is incredibly challenging to engage particular students. Other times it is hard to get certain students to stop talking!  

Silence is Golden…Unless by Erin Templeton

Getting Them to Stop Talking by David Gooblar

How to Work the Lecture Hall by Kelli Marshall 

Questions to consider: 

-To what extent is student participation important in your courses?

-How do you engage the more reserved students and “slow down” the more talkative ones?

-What do you do when a class discussion falls flat? Or when the answer to a question you asked is the sound of silence?

-In larger courses, how do you help students feel like active participants each class day?

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