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Mathematical Sciences

Math Colloquium - Social and Talk

Date: 3:30pm - 4:30pm PDT September 11, 2013 Location: John Howard 132

John Howard 132

At 3:30 – learn about department events, have snacks and socialize
At 4:00 – Talk by summer researchers - Colin Gavin and Sam Stewart

Orbigraphs: defining a graph theoretic analog to Riemannian orbifolds


Riemannian orbifolds are a slight generalization of Riemannian manifolds. Instead of being locally diffeomorphic to R^n, Riemannian orbifolds are locally diffeomorphic to R^n modulo the isometric action of a finite group. Recently, a number of authors have examined orbifolds from the perspective of inverse spectral geometry. In light of the strong connection between spectral geometry and spectral graph theory, our project defines a graph theoretic parallel of an orbifold, called an orbigraph, and obtains spectral results about orbigraphs.