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Mathematical Sciences

Two Mathematics Student Talks

Date: 3:30pm PST November 15, 2016 Location: John Howard 254

John Howard 254

Honor’s Thesis:
The Paths of Square Sophie Germain Semiprimes in the Collatz Function
by Michael Daellenbach ’17
Mathematics Major

This talk begins with an overview of the Collatz Conjecture, its applications, and its beauty. Then we will discuss the beginning forays of my thesis question regarding a particular set of integers under the Collatz Function.
Sprinkled with examples, this talk is intended to be accessible to all Lewis & Clark students.

Independent Project:
A continuous model of a spider catching a fly

by Jennifer Howard ’17
Mathematics Major

Using applied mechanics and partial differential equations, we examine a model related to how a spider detects a fly in its web.  This talk examines oscillations on a string as a one-dimesional first step toward a two-dimensional model.  We show a one-dimesional spider can detect the direction of a fly impact on a one-dimensional web. 
Applications to earthquake sensors and seismic stations will be discussed.