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An Evening of Poetry with Brenda Hillman

Date: 5:00pm PDT October 29, 2013 Location: Albany Quadrangle, Smith Hall

  • Photo by Brett Hall Jones
    Photo by Brett Hall Jones

Albany Quadrangle, Smith Hall

Brenda Hillman

Acclaimed Poet & Teacher
Non-violent Activist
Academy of American Poets Fellow


“Hillman’s voice echoes with otherness. Subject to continual breakdown—and breakthrough—her voice is grounded in resistance and wonder, absurdity and joy. Her political voice is pitch perfect and I want her to run for president….”—Tom D’Evelyn

“Graced with Robert Duncan’s tutelary spirit, each poem that Hillman writes creates its own experimental configuration….She writes as if the lyric poem has a political calling.” —Marjorie Welish

“Linguistically, spatially, politically, emotionally, Brenda Hillman’s brilliant poems are some of the most thrilling poems we have. Our I.Q.s and our Heart Q.s rise when we read her. Each line, each poem, each book, extraordinarily fresh and original, is minted alive before our eyes.” —Sharon Olds

Brenda Hillman has published eight collections of poetry, all from Wesleyan University Press: White Dress (1985), Fortress (1989), Death Tractates (1992), Bright Existence (1993), Loose Sugar (1997), Cascadia (2001), Pieces of Air in the Epic (2005), and Practical Water (2009), for which she won the LA Times Book Award for Poetry; and three chapbooks: Coffee, 3 A.M. (Penumbra Press, 1982); Autumn Sojourn (Em Press, 1995); and The Firecage (a+bend press, 2000). In August 2013, her ninth collection of poetry, Seasonal Works with Letters on Fire, will be released. Hillman has edited an edition of Emily Dickinson’s poetry for Shambhala Publications, and, with Patricia Dienstfrey, co-edited The Grand Permisson: New Writings on Poetics and Motherhood (2003). She co-translated, with Diallah Haidar, Poems from Above the Hill: Selected Poems of Ashur Etwebi, one of Libya’s most significant poets. In 2010 she co-translated Jeongrye Choi’s book of poems, Instances, released by Parlor Press.