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Cannibalism, Necessity, and the Late-Victorian Adventure Novel: The Case of Dudley and Stephens

Date: 3:30pm PST February 26, 2013 Location: Miller 102

  • Andrea Hibbard
    Andrea Hibbard

Miller 102

Please join the English department for a faculty colloquium with Professor Andrea Hibbard who will will explore the intersection of colonial adventure narratives and the sensational 1884 trial of Dudley and Stephens, two British sailors stranded at sea en route to Australia. Although the two were eventually rescued, they were put on trial for killing and eating the ship’s cabin boy. The literary and legal narratives converge in important ways and reveal the sides and the stakes in changing definitions of masculinity, ideals of Englishness, and myths of empire in the 1880s in Britain. Free and open to the public.