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Mathematical Sciences

Galileo Galilei: Mathematician, Musician, Artist, Mystic

Date: 3:30pm - 4:30pm PST March 10, 2016 Location: John Howard 254

John Howard 254

Dr. David Galaty, an Assistant Professor of History at Lewis & Clark with a specialty in the History of Science and Technology, will discuss Galileo.

Galileo Galilei is noted for founding the field of mathematical, experimental physics.  He was the first to study the heavens with a telescope and eventually ran into trouble with the Inquisition for claiming that the Copernican system was actually true, rather than being the best way of calculating planetary motions. 

In this presentation, we will see how his approach to mathematics and science was mediated by his abilities in the arts.  We will also see that his quest to understand the mathematical structure of nature was a quest to understand the language of God.