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Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement

Author Lac Su: “I Love Yous Are For White People”

Date: 7:00pm PDT April 17, 2012 Location: Council Chamber

Council Chamber

Author Lac Su presents, “Love Comes In Many Faces”, a discussion about his heart-wrenching, irreverent, and ultimately uplifting memoir,  I Love Yous Are for White People. 

As a young child, Lac Su made a harrowing escape from the Communists in Vietnam. With a price on his father’s head, Lac, with his family, was forced to immigrate in 1979 to seedy West Los Angeles where squalid living conditions and a cultural fabric that refused to thread them in effectively squashed their American Dream. Lac’s search for love and acceptance amid poverty—not to mention the psychological turmoil created by a harsh and unrelenting father—turned his young life into a comedy of errors and led him to a dangerous gang experience that threatened to tear his life apart.

I Loves Yous Are For White People is Lac Su’s heart-wrenching and irreverent account of struggles that countless individuals face in their quest to belong, and that even more have endured in pursuit of a father’s fleeing affection.

Lac Su is a senior executive for TalentSmart, a global think tank and management consulting firm. He was born in Danang, Vietnam, grew up in Los Angeles, and now resides in San Diego. I Love Yous Are for White People (HarperCollins) is his first book—a memoir.