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Miller Internship Award Application

Application Step 1: Prepare Applicant Information

Prepare your personal information for entry into online application.  Personal information includes:

  • name
  • contact information
  • class standing
  • year of graduation
  • award amount requested
  • GPA
  • major


Application Step 2: Internship Information

If your internship placement has been secured, prepare information including:

  • Internship site name and location
  • Type of organization (for-profit, not-for-profit, government)
  • Hours per week
  • Length of internship

If your site has not been secured, prepare a list of the top 3 internship sites you are pursuing.


Application Step 3: Resume

Prepare a resume to be uploaded with application.  See the Career Center’s tips for

 building a resume.



Application Step 4: Essay

Prepare an essay (3 Page Maximum, double-spaced) that clearly addresses the following questions:

  • How will the successful completion of this internship relate to your future career and/or academic plans?
  • What are your duties and responsibilities in this internship?
  • How will the award impact your ability to complete your internship?

Essay will be uploaded to online application.


Application Step 5: Budget Estimate for Paid Internships

If you have secured a paid internship, you must submit a budget estimate using the Miller Internship Award Budget Template.  Please be as specific as possible.  Paid internships will be considered only if the internship stipend total is less than $4600. 


Application Step 6: Letters of Recommendation

Include at least one faculty recommendation with your application.  The recommender should be able to assess your personal initiative, motivation and suitability for the internship.  Ask the faculty recommender to upload their recommendation using the online form.  (Download a SAMPLE here). The recommendation is due by the application deadline April 6, 2016.  Therefore be considerate of your recommender’s time and be sure to plan ahead.  Preference will be given to students who are able to include an additional letter from their internship organization outlining responsibilities and the availability of supervision/mentorship.


Application Step 7: Letter of Intent from Supervisor (Optional)

It is highly recommended that you have your internship site supervisor provide a letter clearly outlining the duties and responsibilities of your internship and describing the amount of supervision you will receive throughout your internship.  Priority will be placed on students who are able to provide a letter of intent from their internship site supervisors.  Letters may be submitted with your online application, or after the application deadline by sending them via email to


Application Step 8: Complete Online Application

If you have completed all of the information and documents from steps 1-5, continue on to the Miller Internship Award Online Application!



Download a SAMPLE application here.

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