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Student Rights and Responsibilities

SRR Staff

Charlie Ahlquist

Assistant Dean

Charlie has been a part of the Lewis & Clark community since 2003, completing during that time BAs in Psychology and Music and a M.A.T. In his free time, he and his dog Lux take long journeys to and from campus.

Charlie has extensive training in conflict resolution practices, both formal and informal.  He has completed trainings on best practices in investigation, adjudication, threat assessment, and behavioral intervention from organizations including ASCA, atIXa, NCHERM, NACUA, and WAVR-21.


Jamila Dozier

Jamila DozierGraduate Assistant

Jamila graduated from Sonoma State University with a Bachelor’s degree in English with a concentration in Creative Writing in 2013. She is a first year student in the Student Affairs Administration Master’s program at Lewis & Clark. Jamila is most passionate about civic engagement and food justice. Her favorite pastimes include hiking, climbing, kayaking, and exploring new places.



Lainie Sowell

Graduate Student Worker

Lainie graduated from Converse College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education and Psychology in 2013. Before pursuing her Master’s in Student Affairs Administration at Lewis & Clark, she taught K-12 special education. Lainie is particularly passionate about creating inclusive learning spaces for all students. Her favorite pastimes are cooking, exploring her new neighborhood, and spending time with her animals. 


Sam Robinson 

Student Life Intern

Sam is a Senior International Affairs major from the great state of Montana. As the Student Life Intern, Sam oversees the Student Rights and Responsibilities Committee, a group that facilitates student input on our conduct processes. In addition to enhancing student conduct processes at L&C, Sam is active leading trips with College Outdoors.





Resolution Coordinators

Amanda Sarantis, Interim Area Director
Charlie Ahlquist, Assistant Dean, Student Rights & Responsibilities
Clayton Bracht – Area Director, Campus Living
Dominique Gardner – Area Director, Campus Living
Eliza Auchincloss - Student Life Intern, Student Rights & Responsibilities
Jamila Dozier – Graduate Assistant, Student Rights & Responsibilities
Jason Feiner – Director, Student Activities
Joe-Barry Gardner – Area Director, Campus Living
Julia Huerta, Graduate Assistant, Campus Living
Lainie Sowell, Graduate Assistant, Student Rights & Responsibilities
Liz Starke – Graduate Assistant, Student Rights & Responsibilities
Meg Brannan – Area Director, Campus Living
Nikki Ludd – Area Director, Campus Living
Sam Robinson – Student Rights & Responsibilities Coordinator
Sara McGerald – Business Analyst, Information Technology


Student Rights and Responsibilities

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