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Google Grant for Java

January 15, 2015

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    Peter Drake, Associate Professor of Computer Science
    Copyright, Steve Hambuchen

Peter Drake, Associate Professor of Computer Science, received a $5,000 grant from Google’s CS Engagement Small Grant Program in support of “Learn Java in N Games”. This program is supported by the Google Education and University Relations Fund of the Tides Foundation. Developed with collaborator Mark Goadrich at Hendrix College, Learn Java in N Games provides projects where undergraduate students, working in pairs, learn by creating computer games. The projects have been used at several institutions and in Dr. Drake’s popular Computer Science 2 course. This support will enable Dr. Drake to improve and disseminate these projects, allowing student pairs to explore them at their own pace. This Google Grant program supports educational efforts at the undergraduate level to increase student engagement and retention in introductory computer science classes. More about Dr. Drake’s scholarship and teaching is available here.

January 2015

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