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Academic Awards & Fellowships (AAF)

Washington Internship Institute

October 31, 2012

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The Washington Internship Institute (WII) has been the leader in the field of experiential learning for 20 years and provided students with real world experience while challenging them through academic coursework.

The Washington Internship Institute’s semester-long academic internship program is carefully designed to provide college sophomores, juniors, seniors, recent graduates, and graduate students from the U.S. and abroad with practical, hands-on experience and academically rigorous courses emphasizing public service, leadership, and professional development.


Spring 2013-November 12th 2012
Summer 2013-March 1st 2013
Fall 2013-July 1st 2013

Please note that a $5,300 admission fee is required for the fall or spring sessions and a $4,200 admission fee is required for the summer session. Additional fees apply for housing.
Contact your school’s financial aid office to determine how your financial aid may be applicable towards paying your WII tuition, provided you are registered to receive course credit from your home institution. 

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Academic Awards & Fellowships (AAF)

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