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Gender Studies

Gender Studies Film Series: “Made in L.A.”

Date: 7:00pm - 9:30pm PST November 17, 2010 Location: Howard 102

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Howard 102

2008 National Emmy Winner “Made in L.A.”is a feature documentary that traces the moving transformation of three Latina garment workers on the fault lines of global economic change who decide they must resist. Through a groundbreaking law suit and consumer boycott, they fight to establish an important legal and moral precedent holding an American retailer liable for the labor conditions under which its products are manufactured.  But more than this, Made in LA provides an insider’s view into both the struggles of recent immigrants and into the organizing process itself: the enthusiasm, discouragement, hard-won victories and ultimate self-empowerment.

Q&A following the film.  Movie snacks and drinks provided. 

contact Nancy Hugg for questions at

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Gender Studies

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