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William Stafford Centennial Concert

Date: 3:00pm PDT April 12, 2014 Location: Evans Hall

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Evans Hall

This brief musical tribute to William Stafford features settings of four of Stafford’s poems composed by Lewis & Clark music faculty Michael Johanson and students David Salkowski and Alex Koehler in performances by LC music faculty members Katherine FitzGibbon, Susan DeWitt Smith, and Carol Biel; L&C alumnus Shohei Kobayashi; L&C student performers Adrian Au, Lydia Simmons, Spencer Mackey, and Sage Coy; and Resonance Ensemble, directed by Katherine FitzGibbon.


The concert features David Salkowski’s “Our City is Guarded by Automatic Rockets,” Alex Koehler’s “The Well Rising,” and Michael Johanson’s “Vita” and “Earth Dweller.”


Tim Barnes

Poet and scholar Tim Barnes recently retired from Portland Community College where he taught literature, composition, and creative writing. He is the author of several books of poetry, most recently, Definitions for a Lost Language and co-editor of Woodworks, The Life and Writings of Charles Erskine Scott Wood. He is on the board of the Friends of William Stafford and is the editor of Friends of William Stafford: A Newsletter for Poets & Poetry. He is also the creator and compiler of Everyone Out Here Knows: A Big Foot Tale, a picture book for children based on a William Stafford poem, recently published by Arnica Creative Services.

The complete concert program is below.  Here is a link to the event:

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