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Rhetoric and Media Studies

RHMS Capstone Presentations

Date: 5:00pm - 8:00pm PDT April 27, 2017 Location: JRH 102

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JRH 102


Morgan Jarvis:  “Gentrify This: Class and Queerness in Shameless”

Wiktoria Plawska:  “TED Talks as Re-contextualizing Logical-Scientific Communication through Narration”

Elana Grabel: “You’re Either In or You’re Out: The Queering of Tim Gunn on Project Runway”

Arielle Valdez:  “’I’m Not Interested in Any Labels Unless It’s on Something I Shoplift’: Understanding the Stereotypes in Glee”

Abbey Griscom:  “It’s About Friendship:  The Queer Femme Friendships of Frances Ha and Tangerine”

Akira Abderrahman:  “Natural Warfare:  Biomimetics in the Military”

Rachel Perry:  “But Is It Scientific?:  Demarcation and Authority in Conventional, Complementary, and Alternative Medicine”

Capstones presented Wednesday, April 26, 2017:  

Claire Crossman:  “Television’s Dead Lesbian Syndrome:  In Origins, Consequences, and the Future for Queer Representation”

Linnea Frazier:  “The Myth of the Green Revolution: Technological Abundance and the Scarcity of Nature”

Frankie Lorenzini:  “The Myth of Stonewall and LGBT Collective Memory” 

Ajna Weaver:  “Indigenous Stories in Popular Scientific Discourse:   An Analysis of Rhetorical Coloniality”

Lexi Kelley:  “The Rhetorical Structure of Fear Appeals in Climate Change Discourse”


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Rhetoric and Media Studies

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