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Seattle Alumni Presentation: Human Migration and the Current Challenges in the Middle East by David Fenner ’75

Date: 7:00pm PDT April 5, 2017

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Join alumni of the Lewis & Clark College of Arts and Sciences in the Puget Sound area for rotating monthly events, organized by local alumni. Everyone is welcome. If you have questions, please contact Merrilee MacLean ’74 at

Please join us for presentation on:
Human Migration and the Current Challenges in the Middle East
Total Wine & More Northgate Conference Room
525 NE Northgate Way Suite 5
Seattle, WA 98125

Wednesday, April 5, 7pm

We are pleased that David Fenner ’75 has agreed to speak about Human Migration, discussing the roots and the routes of human migration from our beginnings in Africa, into the 21st century, and the natural and man-made forces that contribute: drought, floods, crop failure, war, the quest for survival, or the hope of a better future. The talk will take us into our current situation to help us understand more fully events in the headlines. An accomplished scholar and expert in the field of the middle east, David is willing to entertain questions following the presentation on the Syrian refugee crisis, the travel ban countries and the roots of extremism in the Middle East.

David Fenner graduated from Lewis and Clark in 1975, and then spent years traveling and studying. In 2007 he retired from the University of Washington as the Assistant Vice Provost for International Education. Following retirement, he and his wife returned to the Arabian Peninsula to found an educational center for Arab and Western students that is designed to explore faith, language, natural resources and diplomacy.

If you are interested in events in the Puget Sound area but are unable to attend this month, please contact Merrilee MacLean at or Joe Mitter at to be added to the email notice list.

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