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Presenting like a Pro: Sharing Research in Class Presentations

Date: 3:00pm PDT April 12, 2017 Location: J.R. Howard Hall 202

J.R. Howard Hall 202

Have you ever been to a presentation that puts you to sleep? Tried to follow a PowerPoint presentation that has more colors than a kaleidoscope? Been so nervous that you can’t talk in front of your audience? Presentations are impressive when they engage an audience’s attention, offer useful information, and raise thought-provoking questions. This workshop will help students plan and deliver presentations that stand out for the right reasons, in their CORE 107 course and beyond. Students will have a chance to analyze sample presentations while considering how to organize and incorporate research into their own. We’ll also cover how to effectively use spoken and body language, as well as audiovisual aids, to effectively convey ideas and enthusiasm.

This is the third workshop in the THE KEY THREE: Research, Writing, and Presentation Skills series, jointly offered by LC’s College Advising Center and the Writing Center.

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Questions? Contact the College Advising Center in Albany 206 ( or the Writing Center in Watzek Library (
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