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Alumni of Color Supper Club

Date: 5:30pm - 7:30pm PST December 8, 2016 Location: Board Room, Frank Manor House

Board Room, Frank Manor House

The Supper Club is a special event for up to 10 current L&C students to share a nice dinner with several alumni of color at Lewis & Clark. It is a great, informal opportunity to build community with different generations within the L&C community and learn about our stories before, during, and after L&C!

WHEN: The Supper Club will take place at 5:30PM on Thursday, December 8th
WHERE: Board Room, Manor House

It will be first come first serve due to seats being limited in the space reserved. But there will be more opportunities coming up and you will be considered for the next one as well if you wish. We will be having a catered meal to provide an opportunity for you to have a good meal and a time to relax before finals start up. Here is the link to sign up: Supper Club

Here are the two alumni that will be joining us:

Hanako Imber ’10

Hanako graduated in 2010, double majoring in Economics and Mathematics & Computer Science. She is currently a part of the Board of Alumni and Diversity & Inclusion Committee. While at L & C, she was a SAAB tutor and was a member of the mathematical competition in modeling. She is now a Team Lead in Product Implementation doing technical project management at Huron Consulting Group. If you’d like to know more here is a link to her bio for the Board of Alumni. Here is a link to her LinkedIn.

Goldann Salazar ’12

Goldann graduated from Lewis & Clark in 2012, majoring in SOAN. She has had a focus on equity and education.While at L&C, she was co chair of the Ray Warren Symposium and apart of the service-oriented advisory board. She is currently the Office Manager & Scheduler - Commissioner Amanda Fritz, in the City of Portland. Here is a link to her LinkedIn.


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