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Lunch with a Leader: Kerry McClenahan

Date: 11:30am PDT October 13, 2016 Location: Albany Quadrangle, Room 218

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Albany Quadrangle, Room 218

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Learn from a future colleague in a casual setting while enjoying a free lunch. Founder and CEO of a premier marketing agency Kerry McClenahan, will discuss how social media is changing brand strategy and brand narrative, and will also discuss diversity hiring and championing early education goals for priority populations through her work with Social Venture Partners.

Kerry McClenahan is co-founder and CEO of McBru. She runs a thriving business that provides a means for very talented practitioners to help clients win awareness and preference in their markets. Kerry draws on three decades of B2B marketing experience to help optimize clients’ programs for maximum results.

Kerry is a graduate of Eastern Washington University, where she received a multi-disciplinary bachelor of science degree that included journalism, graphic design, business and marketing classes, with a minor in French. Kerry has worked for tech B2B agencies her entire career. Her first job out of college was as an ad copywriter at Jack Ramsey & Associates, where she discovered her love of technology and affinity for the folks who create it. She has never looked back. Kerry co-founded McBru in 1993 with a goal of providing superior, integrated marketing services for tech B2B clients. “As mentor to our team, my job is to inspire, teach and get out of the way!”

Kerry is a mother of 2, an avid reader, a food and wine fan, and is waiting with bated breath for the next book in the Game of Thrones series. She is a born-and-raised Pacific Northwesterner whose ancestors traveled to the Northwest by covered wagon.


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