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Swing and Ballroom

Grimm Ballroom Tales Audition

Date: 6:00pm PST January 31, 2013 Location: Forest (Tamarack) Residence Hall

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Forest (Tamarack) Residence Hall

The Swing and Ballroom Club is putting on a dance performance oriented around fairy tales. We have selected an assortment of stories from Grimms and Hans Christian Anderson. To them, we will be dancing a variety of ballroom dances, including Swing, Tango, Waltz and Latin dances, as well as including modern improvisation dance. The auditions will be on Thursday, January 31st at 6pm in Tamarack. We are looking for people who know at least the basics of any ballroom dance, and who will be committed to the rehearsal and performance process. The performance will be the week of March 17th, the week just before spring break.

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Swing and Ballroom

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