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Cultivating the Forbidden Fruit: Exploring the Role of Sexuality in Sustainability

Date: 6:30pm - 8:00pm PST November 29, 2012 Location: J.R. Howard Hall 122

J.R. Howard Hall 122

Students Engaged in Eco-Defense (SEED), The Queer Resource Center (QRC), The Feminist Student Union (FSU), and Pioneers in Environmental Action and Service (PEAS floor) are proud to present – 
Cultivating the Forbidden Fruit: Exploring the Role of Sexuality in Sustainability. 

A summary: In this presentation and conversation, we will explore the role human sexuality plays in creating lasting, vibrant community and transitioning to a sustainable culture. Sexual energy, like creative energy and spiritual energy, is a true renewable resource that emanates from our very core which we can tap to create a culture and way of life that treats others and the Earth as lovers worthy of respect and appreciation. We’ll discuss topics including sexual healing and exploration, sexual sovereignty, polyamory, our wild nature, freedom and responsibility, emotional currency, the environmental costs of keeping sex taboo, sacred and eco-sexuality. Bring loving hearts and open minds.

A short biography: Lindsay Hagamen lives, loves, works and plays in an intentional community and sustainability research center in south central Washington State. With an academic background in terrestrial ecology and nutrient cycling, Lindsay’s interests in creating sustainable community has led her into the heart of human connection: sexuality. In community, Lindsay’s efforts focus primarily around dryland permaculture and managing the community’s forest lands. To learn more visit and

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