March 13, 2024

Your Support Matters: Day of Giving Stories

Day of Giving is a 24-hour event where our community comes together to celebrate all things Lewis & Clark. We asked some of our law students how their scholarships influenced their decision to attend Lewis & Clark.

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Manuel sitting on a chair in the library, wearing a dark grey blazer, white shirt, and jeans. Manuel Avalos Robles JD ’26

Hometown: Vancouver, Washington

The financial aid package was crucial for me to decide to go to law school in general but also Lewis & Clark specifically. The opportunity given to me through scholarships was a driving factor as I am paying for law school myself.

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Jeni looking at the camera inside the library. She is wearing a green button-up top and a black skirt. Jeni Baez JD ’26

Hometown: Salem, Oregon

The scholarship package offered by Lewis & Clark played a significant role in my decision to attend. The scholarship eased the transition from undergraduate to law school, reducing the financial strain and making the decision to pursue law school less daunting. Having completed my undergraduate studies at Lewis & Clark, I recognized its unique atmosphere and knew I wanted to stay and pursue my legal education here. However, the decision to stay for law school hinged on financial considerations. The scholarship provided ultimately made the decision effortless for me.

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