February 28, 2024

Lewis & Clark Law School Announces Summer 2024 Course Lineup

Lewis & Clark Law School’s Summer 2024 courses offer a comprehensive mix of online and in-person options, welcoming law students from all institutions to enrich their legal education and advance their career pathways.

As Lewis & Clark Law School gears up for the Summer 2024 term, it continues to serve as an essential conduit for law students from any law school charting their course towards a Juris Doctor degree and laying the foundational stones for their future legal careers. This year’s assortment of courses is carefully curated to cater to a wide array of legal interests and academic needs, offering both online and in-person formats.

Here is an overview of the Summer 2024 courses available at Lewis & Clark Law School. Please note that the duration and scheduling for courses within the same session may vary.

Summer Long (May 28 - August 1; exams on August 2 & 5)

  • Administrative Law - Fromherz, N. (Online Asynchronous)
  • Animal Law Trial Advocacy - Senatori, Megan (Online, Asynchronous)
  • Food Law - Frasch, P. & Jaleel, Hira (Online, Asynchronous)
  • Externship: Pre-Registration - Davis, L. (Online)
  • Law & Ethics of Animal Testing - Locke, P. & Critser, R. (Online, Asynchronous)

Session I (May 28 - June 27; exams on June 28 & July 1)

  • Advanced Legal Research - Kostek, M. (Online)
  • Alaska Natives and American Law - Voluck, D. (Online)
  • Appellate Advocacy - Matthews, K. & Newland, G. (In-person)
  • The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge - Cassidy, K. (Online)
  • Environmental Justice - O’Neill, C. (Online, Asynchronous)
  • Regulation & Ethics Law - Ludwig, L. (In-person)
  • Small Business Legal Clinic - Felstiner, S. (In-person)
  • Tax Clinic - Lora, S. (In-person)

Session II (July 2 - August 1; exams on August 2 & 5)

  • Clean Air Act - Ferrey, S. (Online)
  • Environmental Law - Johnston, C. (In-person)
  • Evidence - Sussman, G., Zusman, K. (In-person)
  • Flood Control Law & Regulation - Sharpiro, S. (Online)
  • Tribal Government Law - Morsett, J. (Online)

Course information, including exam scheduling or in-person availability, remains subject to change. Students are encouraged to consult WebAdvisor (external students will have access to that once they register) for the most up-to-date schedule information and to contact the designated faculty for courses requiring petitions.

For further details and to ensure a smooth registration process, please visit the Summer 2024 Courses webpage or reach out directly via email at lawreg@lclark.edu.