Planning A Student Event

Planning a Pio Event? Need to reserve space for your next group gathering? The Conferences & Events Office is here to help!

We’re located in Templeton, Room 259
Main Line: 503-768-7238
Event planning forms & info. are on our website:

Before you finalize event plans, print flyers, or send out email announcements, FIRST please come to the Conferences & Events Office to reserve space and make event arrangements.

Contact our office anytime you need space for a meeting, group activity, concert, banquet, conference, retreat, games on the lawn, an art show, a picnic, a chapel service, rehearsal time in Evans Auditorium, a dance, movie night, a table in Templeton or outside the library, etc.

We Reserve Space Just About Everywhere

Here is a small list of the spaces we schedule:
All the Residence Hall Main Lounges, Templeton Campus Center, the Manor House, the College grounds (SOA Lawn, Grape Arbor picnic area, Pac Man lawn, etc.), the Library Conference Room, Albany Quadrangle, Evans Music Center, JR Howard Hall spaces, Corbett, both Chapels, and much, much more… just ask!

We’re here to oversee the “big picture” of what is taking place across all three campuses of Lewis & Clark, as well as assist you with event planning logistics. We’ll help you coordinate with other event support offices on campus, such as the Student Activities office, Facilities Services, Instructional Media Services, Housekeeping, Bon Appetit, etc.

Get Started Now

1. To start planning your next event, download the Event Planning Form (PDF) and gather more event planning information from the Campus Events website.

2. Find out what’s already scheduled, and if the space you want is available. View the Lewis & Clark Calendar for a complete listing of the classes, events and activities scheduled on the three campuses of Lewis & Clark.

Helpful Event Planning Tips

Plan Events Well in Advance!

Please allow at least three (3) weeks notice to plan complex events requiring many event support services (e.g. A/V equipment, sound equipment, catering, alcohol servers, special lighting, contracts with performance artists, etc.). Many event support services on campus REQUIRE A MIMIMUM TWO (2) WEEKS NOTICE

First Get a Space Reserved through the Conferences & Events Office

Requests for space are handled on a first-come, first-served basis. Venues are NOT RESERVED UNTIL you receive a reservation confirmation email with your reservation number from the Campus Events office. If your room request is turned down, you will be contacted by staff in the Conferences & Events Office.

Don’t Sign Contracts! Have the Director of Student Activites Sign Instead

Students CANNOT sign contracts on behalf of the College for any rentals, event services, or guest talent. All contractual agreements between the College and rental companies, event services, performers and talent agencies must be signed by Robbie Fung, director of student activities, 503-768-7122, and his office is located on the second level of Templeton Campus Center next to the Activities Congress office & KLC. Please allow at least (2) weeks notice for contract review and check request arrangements.

Decorating Instructions

All decorations are to be self-contained and free standing. Please do not use tacks, nails, staples or tape of any kind on walls and windows. Signs/posters must be taken down immediately after your event.

Publicize After You’ve Reserved the Space

For suggestions how to get the word out about your event through the Dean of Students weekly “Opportunities & Announcements” e-memo to students, the L&C Web Calendar of Event listings, through local media outlets, etc. check out this tip sheet, Publicizing Your Event (PDF)