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Native American Student Union (NSU)

Mission Statement

Who are we?: We are the collective native/indigenous people from each our individual homelands composed into one group. We are the Native Student Union (NSU).

What we are about?: The Native Student Union is dedicated to advancing knowledge and understanding of the native cultures of the various represented parts of the globe—through partnership with native people, Lewis and Clark organizations, and others. A second goal, which shares equal importance as the first goal, is to provide the on-campus indigenous people a place to connect and share with people of similar backgrounds—as well as be supplied various resources. Some resources include, but are not limited to, giving a space for community, advice/assistance from upperclassmen, emotional support, and opportunities to become involved in the native community.

What we have done in the past?: Over the years, we have:

  • Attended various powwows in the Portland community,
  • Attended powwows at Portland State University (PSU),
  • Hosted a movie night and served frybread.

What we are doing this year?: This year, we will be:

  • Working with Student Leadership & Service (SLS) to provide volunteer opportunities for our members; for example, last week we volunteered with the Wisdom of the Elders. Also, SLS will be hosting an alternative fall break at the Yakima nation.
  • Taking the Pio downtown on October 22nd to see Winona LaDuke speak at PSU — ticket reservations are free so if you’d like to join us, please let us know!

… More things to come!

We would like to hear from, and connect with, our members so if anyone has any ideas or knows of upcoming events (at LC or in the Portland community), please come see us!

NSU Representative
Manuel Mattz


Native American Student Union (NSU)

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