Past Alternative Break Programs

Alternative Spring Break 2022 - Food Justice Washington, D.C.

March 21 - March 25, 2022

Alternative Spring Break 2022 - Washington D.C. 

Alternative Spring Break is a five-day, four-night service-learning immersion trip focused on projects that address food insecurity within marginalized communities. Our program covers a wide range of topics related to food justice, including but not limited to community organizing, activism, public policy, and advocacy.

The team worked with two organizations located in Washington D.C. - Bread for the City and Martha’s Table - assisting with their food distribution programs; packing groceries and completing logistical tasks to assist each organization. Volunteers supported food pantry projects by breaking down boxes, sanitizing the bagging space, and loading and unloading food boxes for distribution.

​​Participants in this program explored the culture and food-related challenges of the National Capital Region through service work that was guided by community partner organizations working on food delivery programs in Washington D.C. Students and Center staff engaged in daily group discussions and reflection activities and participated in educational tourism and connected with local Lewis & Clark alumni and prospective students associated with the Posse Foundation.

Participant Experiences

“I really enjoyed working with Bread for the City—it really gave me time to reflect while I was bagging [food donations].”


“I could tell that this trip was beginning to change the students perspectives on food insecurity and DC. They showed how this trip ‘lit a fire’ within them to continue volunteering outside of the trip.”


“The moment that will stick with me the most was when I worked at the front of Bread of the City and interacted with clients— it brought the food insecurity issue to life by seeing the variety of people that are affected and also being able to see myself in them.”


“I think that I had personal growth that I can give back to whatever community I fall into while at LC and after. I also think that there is more benefit to the community we worked in than what I expected there to be before our trip and that was a beautiful reflection for me of ‘I am actually doing something even if it’s only today.’”


“This trip allowed me to meet new people, love the people I was meeting, and build a mini volunteering community that I hope will continue to grow and meet with each other after the trip.”


“This experience allowed me to feel a connection to a part of LC (the Center) and also feel useful to the community—  but also helped me become aware of the disconnect that we have so much privilege and by not acknowledging it, it may ostracize communities that are struggling on our campus.”