In our complex and interconnected world, there is a need to develop leaders who understand the importance of social responsibility. By uplifting leadership as a critical part of the educational matrix at Lewis & Clark, the Center engages students in a process of intentional leadership development through the L&C LEADS program. This model of leadership is built on the principle that leadership is a collaborative, action-oriented process that is an outgrowth of important values which can foster positive social change.

The Center will ensure that every student can be a leader, and that significant leadership opportunities are created for every student who participates. Opportunities to learn about one’s leadership style, how to develop and act on one’s vision, as well as how to inspire and create opportunities for collaboration, will be critical co-curricular components of our leadership development offerings.

The L&C LEADS program offers undergraduate students leadership development programming facilitated by the Center staff and other campus and community partners. 

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