ChamPIOns in the Community

The ChamPIOns in the Community initiative is supported by the L&C Volunteers Program and L&C Athletics. 

Lewis & Clark Athletics is committed to Building ChamPIOns through competitive athletics.  L&C Pioneers are Building ChamPIOns in the classroom, competition, character and community.  Building ChamPIOns provides commonality throughout the athletic department and a shared vision, goals and expectations.

The Center for Social Change and Community Involvement at Lewis & Clark supports the Building ChamPIOns philosophy by facilitating the ChamPIOns in the Community Initiative.  This initiative utilizes the resources of the L&C Volunteers program to assist student-athletes, coaches, and athletics staff in coordinating service-learning and volunteer opportunities within the Portland-metro community and beyond.

Student-Athletes, Coaches, and Athletics Staff: Do you want to partner with the L&C Volunteers Program?  Complete the ChamPIOns in the Community Service-Learning Request Form to get started.