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Passport to Leadership


The Pioneer Passport to Leadership will guide students to make meaning of their leadership development at Lewis & Clark and translate it to future endeavors. The program’s goal is to enhance personal and collaborative skills to help students connect with opportunities on and off campus.

Reflecting the core student life competencies, our tracks are as follows:

Leadership             Diversity            Career              Wellness

 About Passport to Leadership

All Lewis and Clark students are welcome to attend the program’s workshops. Students who complete a minimum of seven workshops over the duration of one academic year, including four mandatory and three elective workshops, will receive a certificate of completion. In addition to workshop attendance, students are asked complete the online evaluations after each workshop they attend. Students looking to be eligible for the PTL Certificate will receive a passport when they sign up for the program. Both a signature on the attendance sheet and a stamp in your passport is necessary for counted attendance. At the end of the Spring Semester all eligible participants will be invited to celebrate with one another and their facilitators at our Awards Ceremony and Banquet. This year the banquet will take place on April 17th, 2019 at 5:30pm!  Participants will also earn a cord for graduation; you will receive this upon your graduation year.

Passport to Leadership











*2018-19 Schedule of Events* 


Also, check our FACEBOOK PAGE or follow our Instagram @lc_dos for notifications about PTL and Dean of Students Office events!


If by the end of the academic year you have completed your four mandatory and three elective Passport to Leadership workshops, you will be asked to attend the Dean of Students Leadership Ceremony and Banquet to receive your certificate, cord (if applicable), and enjoy a delicious meal with your peers, facilitators, and administration. 



Start Your Journey:

Step 1: Sign up
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Step 2: Discover your destinations

Look over our Passport workshop schedule

**Participants, please remember to RSVP. 

Step 3: Attend Workshops

Pioneer Passport eligible participants will attend a total of seven workshops during the 2014-15 academic year.

  • Four (4) mandatory workshops
  • Three (3) elective workshops

All mandatory and elective tracks are labeled on the schedule

See below, My Pioneer Passport, to find out more about tracking your attendance.

Step 4: Celebration!

All participants will attend the Awards Ceremony and Banquet in honor of their certificate completion at the end of the Spring semester. On the night of the celebration, participants will receive their certificate of completion and celebrate with their fellow leaders, facilitators, and the Dean of Students. You will also receive a cord upon graduation.

Participants, be sure to check your email towards the end of the spring semester for details.


My Pioneer Passport

Passport participants will receive a passport stamp card when they sign up for the program.

How to receive a Passport:

Submit your Mailbox number when you sign-up for the program (see above, Step 1) & it will be delivered.

When you attend a workshop you must sign in with the facilitator. At the end of the workshop, be sure to have your Passport stamped. Both a signature on the attendance sheet and a stamp in your passport is necessary for counted attendance.


More Information



or visit

The Dean of Students Office ( in front of Maggie’s): weekdays 9am to 5pm