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New Student Orientation (NSO)

Housing Mailing

We, in Campus Living want to be among the first to provide you with some of the keys you will need to be successful as you learn to negotiate the unfamiliar.  Summer Housing packets will be mailed to all new students with on-campus housing on July 17. This will include your roommate assignment as well as many helpful pieces of information. Read on for details of what to expect.

Settling In

Baggage Shipment

Pionet (Information Technology Newsletter)

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Holmes, Hartzfeld, Apartments (Transfer Students Only)

Collegiate Concepts (Microfridge) Note: Leave room # blank

National Student Services, Inc. (Student Insurance)

Included in this packet are several items of importance.  First, a residence hall handbook entitled “Settling In,” outlines the standards for community living and should give you a glimpse of what living on campus is all about.  Important policies and procedures are covered, facilities and services available to you as a residential student are described, and community expectations are outlined.  Please take the necessary time to read through the handbook prior to your arrival.  Take special note of the list of items you should bring with you to the residence halls including extra-long twin bed linen and towels and other personal belongings. Be sure to bring the handbook with you to campus as it will serve as a handy resource during your first year in residence.

There are also some discussion topics in “Settling In” that you may find helpful when you “connect” with your roommate(s) for the first time.  The newsletter from your hall staff will provide some valuable information about the community to which you’ve been assigned.  If you have a question or significant concern regarding your hall or roommate(s) assignment, please contact your AD at the email address or phone number listed in the hall newsletter.

If you plan to send your belongings to campus, please read the Baggage Shipment Information carefully to ensure proper delivery of your things.  Remember, you will have limited space in a residence hall room, so send only those items that are essential for your comfort.  If you are an international student, a fall sport athlete or are arriving early to campus for a New Student Trip, please plan to bring your bedding as well as any other personal items you will need before NSO begins on Wednesday, August 30. 

While all residence halls have a communal kitchen space, you may choose to have your own MicroFridge in your room. MicroFridges are designed to be energy efficient and contain a separate fridge, freezer, and microwave space.  Ordering through Collegiate Concepts will guarantee fridge delivery and maintenance.

Last, but certainly not least, we are pleased to share with you a reasonably priced insurance coverage plan available through National Student Services, Inc. If you would like to protect your personal property while you’re away from home, read and complete the application form.  Mail it directly to National Student Services.

Remember, the residence halls open at 8 a.m., Wednesday, August 30, 2017.  We look forward to meeting you then and to working with you throughout the coming year.

The Campus Living Staff

New Student Orientation (NSO)

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